Viinuri - A box for Winebags

THE problem with buying wine in a bag is that you might not like the look of the bag or the box that it comes in. The wine manufacturers design their packaging to make you select their wine in the shop, and that means that the bag might not look great on your party table.

Viinuri is a wooden box to house your winebag and is made using beautiful solid woods; hiding the winebag inside away from view. Both 1.5 and 3-litre style winebags fit inside the box. With a hinged base and sturdy locking mechanism, placing and removing the winebag from the box is simple. With 3-litre wine bags, you'll probably have to carefully remove the bag from its original box first.

Viinuri has a small window in the front of the box that shows you what type of wine, red or white, is inside. When you change the bag, simply turn the dial located inside the box to show the correct colour of the wine you going to use.

The solid wooden box is handmade, from the raw lumber right through to the finished product. It is currently available in Walnut, White Oak, and Wych Elm woods. If you want something different, please ask.

The price of the different Viinuri can be seen from the table on the right. Special requests may cost a little more. Send an email to john ( at ) if you would like to order a Viinuri. As these are handmade products, please remember that the delivery time may be a little long if the viinuri wood type you want is out of stock when you order.

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Currently available woods and prices (excluding postage and packaging) are:

  walnut wood Walnut 90€  
  wych elm wood Wych Elm 90€  
  oak wood White Oak 90€