Cello endpin stopper

FOR any cellist, that metal spike, which sticks into the floor supporting their cello, has to stay put. And that sharp spike is a menace to floors, which is why cellists use 'stoppers' with their spikes. You can buy ones with rubber bases, or ones with strings that hook onto a chair leg. They tend to be black and boring.

Hienostopuuseppä's cello stoppers are vibrant and colourful alternatives, perfectly suited for children. They feature both a non-slip rubber base, and a string to loop around chair-legs. Five holes are provided for the spike to sit in, so that you don't need to fusy about changing the length of the string everytime you sit down to play. They are all handmade from Finnish birch plywood, meaning they are hardwaring but don't change that the wonderful sound of your cello too much. They are finished with a hard glossy varnish, made from traditional ingredients, that limits the damage that metal spike will make to your beautiful stopper.

They make perfect gift for a new student, or a seasoned player. And if you already have a stopper, why not add a little colour to your next performance?

All stoppers cost 30 € (24% VAT, not including postage and packing. Note that in the EU your local VAT rate will be applied automatically. Outside of the EU VAT is not charged). Send an email to john ( at ) hienostopuuseppa.fi if you would like to order a cello endpin stopper. As these are handmade products, please remember that the delivery time may be a little long if the colour you want is out of stock when you order.

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Currently available colours:

  Red Red Blue Blue
  Green Green Orange Orange
  Black Black mahogony Mahogony
  Oak Oak Walnut Walnut